Forensic Services

Forensic Services

I conduct in-depth psychological evaluations and offer attorney consultation and expert witness services in criminal, civil, immigration, employment, and disability cases.

As a scientist-practitioner, I rely upon my research training to direct my inquiry into the topics relevant to each case, while my clinical experience informs my diagnostic decision-making.

I believe that a solid psychological evaluation requires well-honed clinical skills in order to establish rapport, formulate effective diagnostic questions, and make recommendations when appropriate, and that maintaining a clinical practice allows me to keep these skills fresh.


I am fortunate to have been trained by the nation’s experts in psycho-diagnostic evaluation and have in turn trained and supervised numerous clinicians and researchers in the administration of these assessments.

In my research, I have developed assessment batteries for a wide variety of studies based upon the specific research questions being asked. I take the same approach to my forensic work, carefully selecting measures that are pertinent to the referral questions rather than relying upon a standard test battery, and utilizing only the currently accepted gold standards in assessment instruments.


I have been deposed on numerous occasions and have testified as an expert in Federal, State and Immigration court and in Workers’ Compensation and Union Arbitration hearings. My extensive teaching and formal presentation experience afford me the ability to speak comfortably and confidently when called to testify. I enjoy educating the jury in layman’s terms with a personable rather than pedantic style and appreciate the challenge of cross examination.


Criminal Forensic Experience (Federal and State)

  • Sentencing Mitigation
  • Insanity Plea
  • Competency

Civil Forensic Experience (Plaintiff and Defense)

  • Personal Injury
    • Accidental Injury
    • Sexual Abuse & Harassment
    • Physical Assault
    • Defamation
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Employment
    • Whistleblowing
    • Workplace Discrimination
    • Workplace Harassment
    • Wrongful Termination
    • ADA Violations
  • Disability
    • Veterans’ Compensation
    • Workers’ Compensation
    • Social Security Disability